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Big business marketing strategies - now affordable for all!

Did you know that U.S. military members, veterans, and their families spend more than a TRILLION dollars annually? They do! And military customers are a loyal bunch; they tend to stand by those who have stood by them.

Becoming a leaseholder on the Veteran Friendly Directory allows you to build on that profitable, lifelong relationship. The VFD is a different kind of directory - in three very important ways:

1) We drive real, live, quality traffic - As business owners and veterans ourselves, we have proven our ability to effectively reach veterans and their supporters in ways that motivate them to take action. By leveraging our reputation, we have a vested interest in your success.

We are now concentrating our decades of cutting edge marketing experience and activating our considerable traffic-driving arsenal in support of local businesses like yours, to give you unprecedented access to a market you may not have even considered focusing on until now.

2) There is only ONE provider allowed per category - You will be designated as the "OFFICIAL Veteran Friendly" business in your area, and you will have no direct competitors in this directory. We invest the bulk of our marketing efforts and resources publicizing your space (not the directory itself), so all the traffic that comes to your online property is immediately pointed sqarely in your direction by telephone, by email, and by walking in the door.

3) Having 60+ business categories connects these businesses, your neighbors, in an active, cross-promotional network that fuels every leaseholder's business and builds our interpersonal bonds. At the same time, it provides a strong incentive for each of us to patronize, hire, and refer each other as part of a long term success strategy.

Your space has a very different purpose than your company website. Think of it like an online billboard, perched on on major highway and supported by our "3T Traffic Driving System":

TOOLS - a powerful collection of online communities, offline broadcast outlets, and white hat promotional software

TECHNIQUES - preprogrammed SEO content, wide social media footprint, deep publishing rolodex, and online marketing skills developed in Silicon Valley

TEAM - dozens of veteran reps, designers, programmers, and marketing specialists committed to the success of your company and this project

Sometimes success is simply a matter of having access to knowledge, or control of an asset, that the competition doesn't. This is your invitation.


Here are just some of the competition-crushing Benefits of
leasing a VeteranFriendlyDirectory space:

• Premium, keyword-rich domain name gets the attention of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, which rank your space higher. Example:

• Customized "Internet infomercial", "HTML5", or "Spokesperson" video captivates viewers instantly. You can leave it as is, or customize it with your business name and choice of photo or video backgrounds. Example

• "Official Member" badge available at no charge for your website.

• Your space will be listed in each of the Top 15 online local directories, and more over time. Example

• "Google domination" strategy gets your space ranked on Google in days or weeks, not months.

• We handle all SPAM emails generated by our campaigns; your email box is safe!

• Phone, email, and walk-in leads are all trackable - you'll know if your message is working.

• Lead magnet giveaway offer or coupon helps build your mailing list, and helps drive people in your front door.

• Frequent promotion throughout the WeHireHeroes Network acknowledges your support of service, and solidifies your reputation in the military community!


Sure, you could do all this designing, programming, video editing, posting, promoting, and email sorting yourself, but wouldn't you rather just have customers coming to you while you concentrate on running your business?

Extra Special Bonus for Action Takers - for a very limited time, we have negotiated a deal with one of our printing partners to include a 5000-piece full-color postcard promo mailout in your area at no charge with every 3-month lease! Talk about a no brainer, talk about value...


Bottom Line: In good economic times, your business OUGHT to have a "secret weapon" that puts you ahead of the competition. In uncertain times, you'd BETTER have one.


We deliver customers... want yours?

Claim your space before your competition does!

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* is a joint project of the SkyVault Group marketing agency, which
provides the technology engine, and the WeHireHeroes Network, which provides the core audience.

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